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When it is Challenging to Wait

Abraham waited for years before he had his promised child, Isaac. And Abraham was called the father of faith I have been praying to God about something for months now… actually years. While driving in the car this morning, I told God I didn’t get it. I just didn’t get it anymore. The wait seems […]

Why I Chose a Different Career Path- My Purpose Story

This is my purpose story I have always loved learning. I never thought that going to school for 8 years after high school was such a big deal. I love the idea of being the best at what I did and I also love the idea of going all the way with academics. It wasn’t […]

What is My Purpose?

I get asked this question a lot. Today, I want to help you answer this question and I promise to keep the process simple. Before I get to a little exercise that I encourage people to do in order to figure out their purpose. I will like to explain to you ‘my’ meaning of purpose […]

For the Purposeful Woman

Are you confused about your purpose and passion in life? Do you feel like you are sabotaging yourself? That was me for many years. I once imagined someone coming up to me to tell me what God wanted me to do with my life. I was such a good girl that I felt like I […]