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My Testimony (Doctoral Program) and Blog Update

  If I can tell you the bad, I have to tell you the good as well. Less than 5 days after I wrote this blog post, ‘When it is Challenging to Wait’ God provided a way for me to pay for my doctoral program“. There were times I was anxious. There were time I […]

I am Starting My Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology this Week

Today, I will be starting my orientation for my doctoral degree in counseling psychology (PsyD). I am going through different emotions. I am excited and I am still believing God for some things that I need for this journey. I know this is the will of God but, I still have needs that I am […]

Do You Need Help Discovering Your Purpose?

For at least 5 years of my life, I lacked understanding on what I wanted to do with my life. I was in a state of uncertainty. While in college, I went back and forth between 2 majors in college. I really didn’t know what to do with my life. Even on graduation day, I […]

4 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Someone ask me for tips on work-life balance. Before you read my response, I want you to know that I don’t believe in work-life balance. Especially when there it puts pressure on women to have work be 50% and a social life be 50%. We cannot always have that, everyone’s idea of balance will be different. […]

Know Your Niche- Why it is Important.

I think it is important to know your purpose on earth. For me, purpose is the reason behind what you do. I also believe that you have to discover what you enjoy doing. That is passion. Another thing that I believe people ignore on their  #journeythroughpurpose is learning the population or niche they are drawn […]