Know Your Niche- Why it is Important.

I think it is important to know your purpose on earth. For me, purpose is the reason behind what you do. I also believe that you have to discover what you enjoy doing. That is passion.

Another thing that I believe people ignore on their  #journeythroughpurpose is learning the population or niche they are drawn to.

I want you to ask yourselves these questions, do you want to work with women or children?  Or both? More specifically do you want to work with college aged women, single women or married women?

Be as specific as possible.

You might have guessed right, I enjoy working with college aged or professional working young women in their 20’s and 30’s.

Since I am sure of this, these are the type of women that are drawn to my business. These are the type of women my marketing is targeted towards.

I am not rigid about this, I can work with women from all walks of life and all ages.  I have just learned from experience that working with the particular  niche or population you are drawn will make your job more enjoyable.

Of course if you don’t know what niche/population you want to work with, that is fine. Try working/ volunteering in different fields till you discover it.

I also believe that you can enjoy working with different types of people or in multiple niches

There is no law to this. These are just my suggestions.

What do you think?

Funmi S.
Your Purpose Coach


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