Questioning God- When Will My Time Come.

I hate this

I hate starting over. It just sucks. It hurts. I’m like, when will my breakthrough come?

I see others around me getting theirs.

I am not even trying to compare myself to them.  I promise you, I really am not?

Yep, I just typed  that. I, a life and purpose coach just typed that.

I am sharing this because I know that you have probably felt this way as well. Or you might be going through your own trying times right now.

I know this for sure. Life is not always rosy and I know in my purpose story, I shared with you an amazing news about my education. I am excited to be going for my doctorate in counseling psychology.

I am grateful for this opportunity. And it might look like I have it all. But, I have  hurts/needs that I have been praying and crying to God for.  Something that I can’t wrap my mind about as to why it is taking soooooooooooooooooo long.

I want you to think of it this way….. one part of your life is going really well, while another part is not.

Just like most Christians, I believe that God’s time is the best, I really do. But, I just want it now……I won’t lie.

I don’t believe that what I want is too big or just ridiculous. I really don’t.

I know people often say that God is preparing us for what we are praying for.

Or,  if He gives us what we want right now, it might destroy us.

I have also heard that in the future when God has answered our prayers, it will all make sense.

I believe all these things. I really do.

But, when you have worked so hard and you have given it your all and you still fail.

And then you dust yourself off and regroup, you re-strategize then, go for it again and you still fall short…this hurts!

And this is not once or twice. I am going for it and I know that this is God’s will. He has confirm it to me and to others so, what else does He want me to do?

Yes, I went there.
It feels like I have given it everything but, He is still requiring me to give more.

Or does He want me to rest at this point?

That is something I am praying about.

The only reason why I am writing this is because I want to look back on this and I say to myself “I get it now”. I want to get it now but, I know that the time will come.

When this testimony comes, I want to share it on this blog.

Don’t get me wrong. I have waited before and I don’t disagree that it was well worth it but sometimes I still struggle.

I hope you see my strength in this post. I don’t want a pity party. It has been years since I have had one of those and I am not interested in a pity party.

I am going to keep believing, hoping and praying and working hard.

This is me just ‘saying’ that sometimes we don’t always get what we want. Sometimes we don’t get things when we want them.

God is in control of what we get and when we get it

And my time will come!!! I believe this

Stay Blessed
Funmi S.
Your Purpose Coach



  1. Seun Sodunke · · Reply

    This is me right now….but I’m keeping the faith!


    1. That is really good. God help us all.


  2. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    So inspirational.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Tobi. I really appreciate it.


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