Your Super Simple Steps to Goal Setting

You can NOT be successful without a plan or without goals.

I don’t know anyone who is successful that is not goal oriented. I don’t think you do as well.

Success is planned.

My questions for you now are: What do you have planned for your life? Who do you want to become? What will your life look like in 5 years?

5 years from now is a good time frame for our mind to grasp.

Examples of how your life can change in 5 years:

  • You can graduate from college in 5 years.
  • You can be done with graduate school WITHIN 5 years.
  • You can be married to the man of your dreams within the next 5 years
  • You can write and publish your book. You can be a best selling author within the next 5 years.

If you need an action plan for your life, I got you. Keep reading.

First, I want you to go back and look at your passions from the last blog post and keep that in mind as you do this exercise

  1. Get a new notebook
  2. After your morning devotion, I want you to write the date at the top of the page and write 10-15 goals as they come to your mind.
  3. Write the goals in present tense as though you are accomplishing it. BECAUSE YOU ARE!
  4. Include the date, you will accomplish that goal. All of your goal date will be within 365 days.
  5. Don’t put the same date for all of your goals. Spread the dates out. (I got this idea from Terri Savelle Foy).
  6. Read your goals every single day.
  7. As you read your goals everyday,  you will get ideas; more specific ideas. Write those ideas down.
  8. Some goals might change. Make those changes.
  9. Ideas will come to you on how to accomplish your goals. Write them down and DO IT!!!

Start small, start now.

Imagine doing this every single year for 5 years, imagine how your life will be completely different. God’s got you. Keep your eyes on that vision. Keep looking ahead.



  1. Seun Sodunke · · Reply

    I have some goals I believe I can accomplish in the next 5 years, they are written down. I might have to rewrite them in present tense like you mentioned here. I think it’ll help in affirming it.


    1. That is such an awesome idea. I love it!


  2. Yes. You’re right. I believe goal setting helps in achieving the vision for our lives.


    1. Yes oh so so true, thanks for commenting!


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